Let's Get Started

Tell me your vision or ask for help. Either way, this day is about you.


How do I book with you?

I'm so glad you're ready! Locate the "Ready to Book" button, or click "Connect" on the top menu. Complete the quick questionnaire, and I'll be in touch in no time to discuss how to make the session perfectly meet your wishes!

What's your preferred photography style?

I love this... thank you for asking! I lean toward documenting the reality to capture the raw emotion of a scene, which I find gets lost in overly posed situations. I understand posing for portraits will be necessary, but I get consistent complements from couples and guests how I seamlessly flow throughout and don't interfere with the day's flow.

Take a look at my portfolio and galleries and let's discuss where the best middle-ground is for you!

Do you do engagement shoots?

All of my wedding collection packages (except The Chic) includes an engagement shoot. These are super helpful at getting us acquainted prior to the big day. Learning each other's personalities, styles, poses, speed, and all other things ahead of your wedding will make the actual day go smoother and be more fun!

However, I do offer engagement sessions as an add-on or stand-alone service, too. Let's connect to see what is best for your needs and make everything as simple as possible for you...

Do you offer payment plans?

I do! Connect with me in the top menu, and I'll be in touch in no time to discuss how to make everything work for you!

Do you work internationally?

Absolutely! Still looking for a Fiji invitation, but I'm game to go wherever with you!

What's your typical photo delivery timeline?

Great question! It does depend on which services you're seeking - portraits take around 1 week, and weddings 4-5. However, I'll overcommunicate how things are looking leading up to your shoot so there is nothing left to wonder. Also, if you have specific timelines on needing the photos, let's work that into the arrangement so you get what you need!

Will you help plan the day?

100%. This is something I do for your benefit. It's imperative that the wedding day's timeline accommodates the different scenes and images you'd like captured. I will get in touch with your planner and/or coordinator (or act as one for you if you don't have one) to establish the flow and timing of the day. This takes the pressure off of you and affords a calm experience on your wedding day!

Do you do videography?

I do not do full-day videography, but I do offer drone imaging and video. However, I work with several teams that offer varying levels (i.e. cost) of videography, and I would love the opportunity to connect you with them. Just let me know, and I'll get to work right away!

Do you include a second photographer?

The Luxe package includes a second photographer, but I typically shoot weddings on my own.

I am close with and have worked with a host of amazing wedding photographers, and we have a little community to include each other when needing a second shooter at weddings. Let's talk about what your day will look like and how to incorporate the right mix of services for you!

What payment methods are available?

I'm open to work with you on this... online payments via Paypal (Visa, MC, Amex, etc) are preferred to make it easier on both of us, but we can certainly opt for in-person payments (cash, money order, etc) if that is easier for you.